This is a message which you must read on before purchasing.

At Route 786 Clothing, we ensure every customer receives quality service like no other. 

Route 786 operates in a pre-order style of business. The store will have a period of time where i would promote the product along with all necessary store opening and closing banners on Facebook and Instagram. During the opening period, the public can make orders. Only once the store closes (Date will be on banners) then the order is processed for printing.

The processing, is when the screen-printers receive the order from me. Which once on completion i will post to the buyer.

  1. All orders are on a pre-order basis
  2. Orders will have to be put in within the closing of the store date
  3. No orders taken after store closes, you must wait until next scheduled opening
  4. PAYPAL only for your own security

I urge for your patience whilst waiting, Insh'allah the wait will pay off.

*Do give 28 Days for Delivery*